Strategic planning

Strategic planning

The best strategic plans are the product of a creative and collaborative process. Our methods ensure alignment and support for your plan.

What is the participative approach to strategic planning?
How do you build a vision that everyone can support?
Is it possible to avoid “on the shelf” syndrome?

Teams that write the plan don’t fight the plan.

About Us

Parsons Dialogue is based in Calgary, Canada, serving clients across North America. We design and facilitate strategic processes that help teams collaborate with clarity and confidence.

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By using a multi-stage, participative process, we get you the support you need to prepare and execute the strategic plan your organization needs.

What’s happening in your current environment?  What near and distant trends will influence your organization? By tapping into the insight of your team, you can create a vision and a plan that everyone can support. 

Our proven process helps you define the organization’s mission and values, identify a practical vision, discover your blocks, and create your strategic initiatives.

We see far too many plans get shelved, so we always take an extra step to turn your strategies into practical initiatives. We also help your team create detailed action plans, and offer follow-up workshops to help you monitor your team’s execution of their action plans.

By using a collaborative approach to strategic planning, you can tap into your team’s expertise to remove roadblocks and create a powerful path forward. 

What we do

When we plan and facilitate strategy workshops online and in-person, we work with you to create a detailed plan. Our step-by-step approach includes:

Clarifying your goals: When we start your project, we begin by helping you define the purpose and desired outcomes for your strategic planning efforts. 

Creating an engagement strategy: Your plan will benefit from the perspectives of your partners, your customers and of your team. We help you engage them all in a meaningful way.

Planning and facilitating the discussions: We design and conduct thoughtfully designed workshops with your team using our extensive experience in strategic planning.

Documenting the results: We share verbatim reports of all your workshops so that you have the benefit of every bit of insight from your planning team.

Writing your strategy: We prepare the finished product using plain language that communicates your vision and your plan clearly and simply.

Why Parsons Dialogue?

  • We’re experienced strategists with experience in business and government
  • We’ve facilitated over a hundred planning workshops 
  • We’re professional facilitators certified by the International Association of Facilitators
  • We have a proven track record with government, community and for-profit organizations
  • Our report and plan writing skills are excellent

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