Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Multi-stakeholder collaboration

Engaging diverse stakeholders in productive discussion is never easy. Our skills ensure better conversations.

What is multi-stakeholder dialogue?
Why are multi-stakeholder groups so challenging?
What practices are most helpful for working with multi-stakeholder groups?

Professional facilitation helps multi-stakeholder groups get better outcomes.

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Parsons Dialogue is based in Calgary, Canada, serving clients across North America. We design and facilitate strategic processes that help teams collaborate with clarity and confidence.

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When people who represent different groups and organizations come together, they bring different perspectives and, sometimes, conflicting interests. 

Effective multi-stakeholder dialogue helps participants from diverse backgrounds discuss complex problems and find mutually acceptable solutions.

Multi-stakeholder groups have complex relationships and, to collaborate effectively, they need an opportunity to share their observations, experiences and perspectives. When we plan multi-stakeholder events, we design processes that build mutual understanding and get results.

What we do

When we plan and facilitate workshops for multi-stakeholder groups, we create a detailed plan. Our step-by-step approach includes:

Clarifying your goals: When we start your project, we begin by helping you define the purpose and desired outcomes for your multi-stakeholder process. 

Understanding the interests of stakeholders: Through interviews and pre-meetings, we build relationships with stakeholders so that we can better understand their interests and concerns.

Creating a strategy for dialogue: Using our skills and experience in facilitation, we design an approach with activities that engage stakeholders in open, productive discussions.

Planning and facilitating the discussions: We touch every detail of your event -- location, meeting logistics, and agendas to host our carefully designed workshops and activities. 

Documenting the group’s conclusions: After your event, we prepare reports and presentations that share the participants’ insights using their words

Addressing conflict proactively: Throughout the process, we help you anticipate and address potential points of conflict before they compromise the trust you’ve built.

Why Parsons Dialogue?

  • Professional facilitators certified by the International Association of Facilitators
  • Decades of experience designing complex, multi-stakeholder engagements
  • Proven track record with complex topics and conflicted groups 

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