Large group dialogue

Large group dialogue

Today’s problems are complex and we need as many perspectives as possible. We have the tools to work with hundreds of people.

Is it possible to engage large groups in dialogue?
What are the unique challenges?
What practices make large group dialogue more effective?

Professional facilitation makes it possible to engage more people productively.

About Us

Parsons Dialogue is based in Calgary, Canada, serving clients across North America. We design and facilitate strategic processes that help teams collaborate with clarity and confidence.

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Traditional meetings and workshops can be effective for groups of up to twenty, thirty or even forty people, but it takes skills and experience when participants number in the hundreds.

A well-planned large group process can give every participant the opportunity to consider the issues, share their perspectives, and contribute to a mutually acceptable solution.

Managing time and promoting participation are critical factors in planning large group dialogue. We combine our experience with traditional facilitation techniques and our skills in online facilitation to design innovative ways that engage large groups productively.  

What we do

When we plan and facilitate workshops for groups of over forty people, we create a comprehensive, detailed plan. Our step-by-step approach includes:

Clarifying your goals: When we start your project, we begin by helping you define the purpose and desired outcomes for your large group engagement.

Creating a large group strategy: We work with you to stage how you engage your participants, before, during and after the main event.

Pre-event engagement: By conducting thoughtfully designed homework activities and pre-event workshops, we collect insight from participants as they prepare for the main event.

Planning and facilitating the discussions: By actively maintaining a network of professional facilitators and dialogue professionals, we can recruit the team you need for your event.

Event production and logistics: With large groups, the details require special attention. We have the skills and experience in event planning and production  to make your event successful.

Documenting the group’s conclusions: We use self-documenting techniques to ensure no piece of insight gets lost.

Why Parsons Dialogue?

  • Our experience includes online and in-person events of up to 800 people
  • We have skills and experience in large event planning and production 
  • We’re professional facilitators certified by the International Association of Facilitators
  • We have a proven track record with government, community and for-profit organizations

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