Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

Unnecessary conflict wastes time and destroys relationships. Our skills in dialogue help you navigate difficult conversations.

Why is constructive conflict useful?
Why conflict coaching over conflict resolution?
What practices make conflict a useful tool?

Professional coaching helps navigate the pitfalls of conflict.

About Us

Parsons Dialogue is based in Calgary, Canada, serving clients across North America. We design and facilitate strategic processes that help teams collaborate with clarity and confidence.

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Conflict is the most challenging dynamic we face when we work together. When it’s harnessed, it can help drive out fundamental issues and drive new thinking. But when it’s poorly managed or ignored, it can be highly destructive.

Resolving conflict is crucial in some situations,but we also believe many organizations want or need debate to ensure they really understand key issues and pursue the best possible solutions. But when conflict becomes destructive, it requires a disciplined and thoughtful approach to diagnosing the underlying issues.

Conflict coaching is about observing conflict, creating strategies to harness it and establishing practices that create safety without stifling important discussion. 

What we do

When we coach individuals and groups in conflict, we start with a comprehensive, detailed plan. Our step-by-step approach includes:

Clarifying your goals: When we start your project, we begin by helping you frame your challenges and describe what you want to change. 

Evaluating conflict: We examine the circumstances around your conflict, bringing the benefit of outside perspective and wisdom. 

Individual engagement and coaching: We meet with those affected by the conflict to hear their pespectives and share short term strategies.

Planning and facilitating difficult discussions: We excel at planning and conducting critical meetings where there is a high chance of destructive conflict or behaviour.

Setting group norms and practices: We help groups establish norms and practices that ensure conflict is constructive, intentional and useful. 

Reporting on outcomes: We can report our findings and recommendations in writing, if required.

Why Parsons Dialogue?

  • We’re trained in and skilled at conflict managment and resolution
  • We have experience in conducting difficult conversations with groups of all sizes
  • Our tools and frameworks help make conflict an asset, not a liability
  • We have a proven track record with government, community and for-profit organizations

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