Transformational Strategy Methodology

Transformational Strategy is a highly participative, consensus driven approach to strategic thinking.

Transformational Strategy is a highly participative, consensus driven approach to strategic thinking. Developed by the Institute of Cultural Affairs (ICA), Transformational Strategy is a core methodology in a body of knowledge called the Technology of Participation (ToP®). Robin Parsons is a Certified ToP® Facilitator (CTF).

Transformational Strategy is a series of structured methods to help draw and recognize contributions from each person while helping groups deal with large amounts of data in a short time. Participants’ contributions are pooled into larger collections of information in a way that allows rich patterns to emerge. Transformational Strategy has proven to successfully address polarization, conflict and diversity.

Transformational strategy begins by acknowledging that strategy spirals out from an organization’s core identity -- their mission and values.

It then asks the question, “What do we want in our future?” which leads to the creation of the practical vision. “Practical” means that the vision is grounded in the organization’s mission and describes a future state that can be achieved.

Next, the process asks the question “What is blocking us from realizing our hopes and dreams?” This step reveals underlying contradictions that deal with the current reality, acknowledge tensions and identify root cause. When underlying contradictions are addressed, they unlock forward momentum.

Concrete strategies are created by asking “What can we do to deal with our blocks and move towards our vision?” Blocks are usually organization wide, so one strategy may tackle multiple blocks and while working towards multiple vision elements. Strategies are grouped together to form strategic directions. Action planning is the transition from strategy to operational planning, where strategy moves from abstraction to executable plans. It answers the questions: “What will we do? Who will do it? When?”

ICA International, is a global network established in 1960 and now implementing social change in over 36 countries. ICA International holds consultative status II with the United Nations. Robin Parsons is a certified trainer with ICA Canada, a member of ICA International.

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