Clear Thinking Methodology

Clear Thinking is a method for logically moving a group through four different levels of thinking to evaluate or explore a topic.

How the O-R-I-D methodology cuts through clutter, chaotic thinking in the workplace

Clear Thinking is a method for logically moving a group through four different levels of thinking to evaluate or explore a topic. It moves thought from surface to depth:

  • OBJECTIVE (fact-based)
  • REFLECTIVE (emotions, associations, experiences),
  • INTERPRETIVE (significance, meaning, implications, impacts) and
  • DECISIONAL (committing to some kind of resolution).

This internationally recognized method enables shared understanding among all participants, leading to new and powerful insight.

What Clear Thinking Offers Your Team

  • Move away from the polarization that might be paralyzing your stakeholders – or the confusion that is stalling your strategic planning process.
  • Solve those seemingly irreconcilable opinions that are preventing your teams from moving forward or committing to a plan.
  • Boost productivity and morale. Provide a forum for historical grievances to heal and stubborn silos to reconnect – without ganging up on any one “side.”
  • Improve engagement, participation and investment in a shared outcome.
  • Give participants a sense of belonging and investment in an outcome.

More About Clear Thinking & Facilitation

What type of team can benefit?

Clear Thinking helps reduce friction, promote productive decision making and generate collaboration even in the most complex, fluctuating, volatile or ambiguous circumstances. It turns every contributor into a positive collaborator and allows the group’s knowledge to flourish in a collaborative planning and decision-making environment.

How does facilitation fit in?

By working with a ToP® certified facilitator, you get the benefit of working with a professional who’s been trained in the successful application of this method and has the track record to prove it. A facilitator offers neutral, third-party process leadership, there to keep participants on track and moving towards a group-approved resolution.

Can you prove it works?

My clients continue to tell me they gain meaningful results from this type of session, both qualitatively and quantitatively. They report real benefits to their bottom line: their projects are better managed, their stakeholders are better informed and their employees are more engaged. With Clear Thinking, every person feels heard, leading to better functioning, higher-performing teams.

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